The voice of a loved one in Alexa

Alexa will listen to the user by recording the voice of the loved one. When the new feature is launched, Amazon’s virtual assistant service will record anyone’s words and utter them in the same manner and voice. As a result, even if the loved one is not there, there will be an opportunity to listen to him. Source: Reuters

‘One Shop’ is an e-commerce service. The service was launched in 2019 by the Aspire to Innovate (A2I) project of the government’s Information and Communication Technology Department. At the same time ‘Ekpe’ service was launched. Fees and bills are being paid online through this platform. Both EkShop and EkPay platforms are becoming popular in the country.

According to A2I, the launch of the OneShop platform is aimed at bringing e-commerce services to remote areas of the country as well as spreading the products of marginalized people across the country.







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