The map of tourism will change

With the launch of the Padma Bridge, the communication system in the entire southern region will become easier. There will be no ferry. The distance will move in time. The distance from Dhaka to Kuakata beach will be five to six hours. Not only Kuakata, but also the world heritage Sundarbans-centric tourism will be revived.

Concerned people say that not only Kuakata, Sundarbans, but also Tengragiri, Shubhasandhya, Haringhata forest of Patharghata in Taltali upazila of Barguna, Samudrasaikat, Durgasagar Dighi of Barisal, Satlar Shaplabil, Natman Paryakar, Gomara, Bholar will be floated.

Motaleb Sharif, general secretary of the Kuakata Hotel Owners Association, said Kuakata would move closer to the capital once the Padma Bridge was inaugurated. Khulna tourists will come here when Bekutia Bridge is opened. Then there will be anagona of tourists in Kuakata throughout the year.

Investors in the tourism sector say the opening of the Padma Bridge will change the country’s tourism map. Kuakata will be the entrance to the Sundarbans. The distance from the capital to Cox’s Bazar is 394.06 kilometers. The distance from the capital to Kuakata through the Padma Bridge is 293.06 kilometers. Distance from Barisal city is 108 kilometers. As a result, many will come to Kuakata on holidays.

In a short time from Kuakata, it will be easy to go to the interesting places of the Sundarbans — Kachikhali, Katka beach, Jamtala beach, the island bird’s wake in the sea adjacent to the Sundarbans, the egg char. It takes only three and a half hours to travel from Kuakata to Cuttack. From here you can go in the morning and spend a few hours with the deer and come back in the evening.

To the west of Kuakata is the Sundarbans, a tourist attraction, and to the east are Bhola’s Char Kukrimukri, Dhal Char, Char Nizam, etc. Adjacent to Kuakata are Fatra Char, Red Crab Char, Shuntkipalli, Laldiar Char, Char Vijay, Fakirhat, Sonar Char, Crab Island. The nature and biodiversity of each place is different here.

The way the preparations are going

Tour operators and tourism entrepreneurs said that if the Padma Bridge is opened, a large number of tourists will come to Kuakata every day. The Sundarbans is very close from here. There are many more places of interest in the vicinity. All the hotels and motels in Kuakata now have accommodation for about 7,000 tourists. However, there is a record of 20,000 tourists staying at this beach in one day. In order to cope with the influx of tourists, accommodation and other facilities will have to be increased soon.

It is learned that many big companies have already invested in land in Kuakata. Some have even started work. Construction of several five star hotels is starting in a few days.

Nazrul Islam, proprietor of Pugmark Tours and Travelers, said the launch of the Padma Bridge would be a disaster if the extra tourists were not properly managed. For this, the government and the forest department have to take an integrated and effective action plan.







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