Shrimp with dried vegetables

Many Bengalis and Indians in New York, USA, cook dried curry at home as a hobby. They mainly eat dried food to change their taste. Dry food is very popular in Bangladeshi hotels. However, in the dried shuntki cooked by Sobha Talukdar, I get a pure scent. Shobha Talukdar’s home is Habiganj in Bangladesh. He works for a multinational company here (in New York). When I go to eat at his house, I try to eat only with dried fruits. So I said to Shobha, ‘Teach me how to cook.’ He said, ‘Brother, it’s easy. Let me teach you hand-in-hand. Today we will cook dried fish with a few types of vegetables and shrimp in low oil. Diameter, started.

Ingredients in cooking order:

Two and a half tablespoons of oil. Salt. A medium sized onion. Half a teaspoon of turmeric powder, one and a half teaspoon of red chilli powder, half a teaspoon of coriander powder and half a teaspoon of garlic paste. 150 grams of dried fish, two pressed dried fish and 6 medium sized shrimps.
Two red potatoes weighing 200 grams. The same amount of long shaped eggplant, bean and kachu faces. Six long chopped green chillies. All should be washed and cut into equal sizes.

I am writing as Shobha said.

 ‘Brother, first you have to put the oil in a pan and add salt. After heating, add onion and garlic. The less oil is added to the dried curry all the time, the better the taste. Then add all the spices one by one and cook on low heat. If you see spices sticking to the bottom of the pan, add a little water. Lightly fry the dried and pressed dried fruits in a separate pan after adding the spices. When the spice is added, first it should be stirred with two pressed dried fruits and a little water. Many people call Chepa Shuntki Sidal. Pressed shuntki is being given it mainly for smell. ‘  







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