Kaikka fish chutney in tomatoes

In our culture, it is usually the women of the family who are engaged in cooking. Friend Saadi Khan’s case is different. She cooks at home. Likes to experiment with cooking. Many of his recipes taste great. Learn the process of cooking kaikka fish with him hand-in-hand with me.

Ingredients in required order: Kaikka fish 650 g. One and a half tablespoons pepper and turmeric powder. Oil, chopped onion, green chillies, tomato garlic. One tablespoon coriander powder. Half a tablespoon of cumin powder. Half a teaspoon of cumin and a few coriander leaves.

Saadi says, ‘I will cut the big kaikka fish into four pieces. And I will cut the small ones into three pieces and let the water drip. Then spread it with salt, pepper, turmeric and oil. ‘ How long? The answer to this question is, ‘You have to leave it until the spices are added.’
What is the process of seasoning? Heat oil in a pan and leave the chopped onion and whole cumin. Add turmeric powder, chopped tomatoes and salt. After something is boiled, you have to stir it with garlic. ‘







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