How to delete list of pictures or videos sent to iPhone

The recipient’s address is automatically saved when someone sends a picture, video, link or something from the iPhone. Using these addresses, Apple displays a suggested list when exchanging photos, videos or links. The names of the people who have been sent more pictures, videos or links appear at the top of the list.Photos or videos can be sent quickly by clicking next to the names on the list. But there are also problems. This is because coworkers or family members may be annoyed at you for sending pictures or videos. Many times the security of information is also complicated. The name of the specified person can be removed from the suggested list for sending pictures, videos or links.To delete a specific person’s name from the list of photos or videos to send, you need to launch the photo or video from the Photos app. Now tap on the share icon (arrow box) below to see the names of the people in the proposed sharing list.

To delete a person’s name and identity from the proposed sharing list, you must first select it. When you press the name, you will see the Suggest Less Thumbs Down icon. Clicking on the icon will remove the person’s name from the list.









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