Google will find if you lose the phone

There are so many personal things on the mobile phone. And if it is lost or not found in a hurry, then there seems to be nothing more catastrophic than this. What can you do after losing your Android phone? All Android devices have their own feature called ‘Find My Device’. It can track the phone.

Find My Device is set up with a Google Account, the e-mail you used for the first time when setting up an Android phone can be used to find out the location of the mobile phone.

Whatever can be done

There are several things that can be done with the Find My Device feature. The current location of your device can be seen on the map. If it is connected to Wi-Fi, its information and how much charge is in the battery of the phone, can be known. If you want you can call that phone. This can be done even if the phone is in silent mode. You can lock your phone remotely and delete all the data on the phone if you want.

How to do it

Find My Device can be accessed from Google’s website. For this www. google. com / android / devicemanager? u = 0 Go to web address.
Do not open this link in a browser that is already logged in to another Gmail account. Open the link in brand new or browser incognito mode. Now the login window will show here. Login here with the Gmail e-mail address associated with your lost phone and the appropriate password for that account. If two-step verification is enabled on this Gmail account, it may ask you to login to the lost phone via SMS or app, in this case you need to complete the login to that account using the Try another way option at the bottom of this page. In this case, do the login work with someone skilled.

After signing in with your Google Account, you can see the devices associated with this account here. Select the desired device from here. If you have multiple accounts registered with Google Accounts, you will see a picture of the device directly, at the time of its last location, what network it is currently connected to, and an update on its battery percentage. And the map on the right shows where the device is now.
The PLAY SOUND, SECURE DEVICE, ERASE DEVICE menus can be seen on the left side of this page.If you want to send a ring to the phone, then click on the PLAY SOUND menu. Even if it is silent, the call will keep ringing on that phone for five minutes.
If you think you forgot the phone, you can send a message by clicking on the SECURE DEVICE menu. If you click on the menu, you will have to login to Gmail again. When the login is complete, enter the desired message in the Recovery message box of this page to send a message to the phone. Then if you want him to contact you in the phone number field, then write that phone number here. Then click on the Secure Device button. If the phone is locked then your text message will go to him (on that phone).







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