Apple Watch saved women’s lives

Apple Watch has saved the life of the user again. The incident took place in Dallas, USA. A woman goes swimming in the mountainous Columbia River. He went a long way to swim in the cold weather. But suddenly his feet got stuck in the rocks at the bottom of the river. He could not get rid of his legs even after trying a lot. There was no mobile phone at hand.He took the help of the Apple Watch in his hand after failing to free himself after his foot got stuck in the rock. Press the button on the side of the watch for a while and send a warning message to the rescuers. Upon receiving the message, a rescue team tried to free him. But the rule is left, nothing could get his foot out of the rock. The woman was then rescued by slowly lowering the stone into the water.Note that the Apple Watch has a feature called ‘Emergency SOS’. When the button on the side of the watch is pressed for a while, the alarm message is automatically sent to the local emergency service number.







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